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A headshot is the single most important marketing tool for an actor. It has to capture your personality and your versatility, in your best light. 


I offer a free consultation on the phone or in person to discuss your goal and to learn a little more about you. This is our time to discuss what you want the image to be or to address your agent's request etc. This is the most important step of our session. A good headshot will bring "you" forward, your personality," that "je ne sais quoi" that makes, you, be the right choice for the part. It is your brand - what casting directors, directors, producers want you for.

Our consultation focuses on putting "you" to light.

We'll talk about wardrobe choices, hair and make-up and location.


My goal #1, is for you to get the shots that you want.  So you get the final say.  When we start shooting, I will show you the image on the camera's screen and we'll make adjustments until you approve. While we shoot, I will guide you, share with you the tricks of the trade, give you plenty of feedback and maybe make a joke or two (be warned I have a French sense of humour!)

My goal #2, is for you to have fun.



You know yourself best. I recommend that you come hair and make-up ready. I will touch you up and change your looks. I will also keep an eye on your hair.

Need your make-up professionally done? I can recommend you to a make- up artist or you can bring your own rate to be discussed with make-up artist directly.



You'll get your entire session in hi-resolution.

I offer 2 free retouching (including: removing stray hairs, blemishes, dark circles, cleaning up the overall skin) after that I charge $20 per picture.


There is a $50 dollar deposit to book a session. You need to cancel within 48 hours otherwise I keep your deposit.



2 looks: $ 400

3 looks: $ 525

4 looks: $ 600

$80 for each additional look.


_Q6A8990 1.jpg

"I loved working with Sarah Desage on my headshots!  She worked thoughtfully to give me the high calibre look that I had envisioned.  We had a helpful planning session to really draw out my concept.  Then on set, I was impressed how she helped me relax and focus into every one of my different looks.  She does not rush you like other photographers and helps ground you to get to where you need to be.  We had a very productive shoot - and I was thrilled with the results.


Sarah is a really talented photographer as well as an excellent person to work with.   She has a highly skilled eye having worked in front and behind of the camera as an actress, model and photographer.  She's also easygoing, focused and calm.  A really great choice for anyone who just wants the best possible headshots to bring out your look as a serious, high level actor."

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