The Little Girl and the Time Whisperer


There was once a little girl tucked in her Mom's embrace. Love was as big as it could be. She played with her sister and laughter tickled her belly. Eating ice cream with her Dad, joy sparkled in her feet. Her heart was happy and full, but she wondered: would she remember how it felt when she grew older?


In the dark of the night, the Time Whisperer came, and in a quiet voice murmured, “In the morning you will remember less. I am the healer of sadness, I erode feelings until they disappear.”


Then a lady with a strange black box came to visit. She was tall and friendly and said, “We are making memories today! We'll put them on your wall, we'll make a storybook, and you can share them as you will.” And that is what they did.


Time passed by and life went on. And as the little girl grew older she would look at the memories and could hear the whispers of the stories she lived. The laughter, love and joy echoed in her heart and lived with her, always.


Guided Sessions are authentic and beautiful portraits of your family.

Through a Guided Session I am able to capture real and spontaneous moments of your family under a beautiful light. These sessions are centered around your family's favorite activities and are guided. Fortunately, my years of experience on both sides of the lens allow me to help family members be themselves in front of the camera while maintaining natural and real connection. Guided Sessions are always great fun, composed of humor, tenderness and little family life!

Most Guided Sessions are shot in your home, though we can also shoot at other locations that are meaningful to your family.​

Session fee:

up to 2 hours - $300



Reveal session

30-50 edited high-res

$100 print credit

Documentary Sessions are intimate portraits of your family, shot in a documentary style. They are designed to capture everyday life: the snuggles, the tantrums, the jokes, the routine, the problem solving ... the everyday. Moments we live and cherish, but rarely capture.

During the Documentary Sessions I usually follow your family for couple of hours to a full day. I am committed to telling your family story through my lens.  My job is to stay out of the way and let your family be the actors of their own story.

​These sessions are shot with 100% available light. 

Session fee:

1h - $300

2h - $500

3h - $700

Half day - $1000

Full day  - $1500 


Online slideshow

Reveal session

10-20 edited high-res/per hour shot

$250 print credit

The session fee does not include prints, albums, collections or digital.

Please contact me to take a look at the price list.

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